Your Blog Can Land You a Job: Here's an Example

Read how my brother uses his blogs to get himself jobs. I interview him in the latest post of Robust Writing:

How My Brother Uses Blogging to Get Jobs


How Does Grammar Affect Your Career?

An excerpt from my latest post on Robust Writing:

"First, a caveat: if you don’t care about using correct, standard, and precise grammar–more power to you. I’m not saddened or outraged. I’m very much a libertarian and a contrarian, so I understand the impulse to fight against authoritarian platitudes and ideas.

Go ahead and write however you want to and just get your point across. Do remember, though–the better your grammar, the clearer your message is likely to be.

But, no matter how much you may protest against the standards and rules of good grammar, the reality is that the way you use grammar can affect your career."

Click here to read the full post, "Grammar Still Matters: It Can Affect Your Career."


An Easy Way to Improve Your Writing

An excerpt from my latest on my new blog, Robust Writing:

"When preparing to write something, even something very important for a professional readership, remember:

Forget about trying to impress your readers, and focus instead on informing them.

You can do this best if you..."


Why You Should Not Try and Write Precisely

Read why in the latest post on my new blog, Robust Writing.